Tight Hips Can Cause Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain is not caused locally. This means that there is probably nothing wrong with your lower back, but rather, what is going on with your hip range of motion and leg tightness? I have worked with many people who have tried all that they can to relieve their lower back pain, to no avail. Can it be as simple as stretching and strengthening? And if so, why is this such a hard concept for many of us to understand?

There is a HUGE disconnect between body mechanics and joint pain in our society. If you are suffering from lower back pain to the point of going to the doctor for help, chances are great that your doctor will prescribe a muscle relaxer. While this will temporarily relieve the pain, the underlying issue will persist.

The underlying issue is tension coupled with weakness. Tight muscles will often lead to nearby joint pain. Pain in the lower back is most often due to tightness in the hips, glutes, IT bands, hamstrings and/or obliques and lats. For example, my hip flexors are super tight (especially the right one). As a result of this tightness, the opposing muscles of my glutes (or tush) has a hard time firing. My left glute is super weak, my left inner thigh muscles are weaker than the right and my left hip gluteal muscles had never fired before one year ago when I started doing specific exercises to target that area.

Do you have lower back pain? It can be debilitating! Do you know where you are weak and where you are especially tight? If you sit all day, chances are high that your hips are tight. Are you able to do pigeon pose in yoga? When you do a lung does your back knee hurt? Tight quads, hamstrings and glutes often lead to pain in the lower back and knees. Try foam rolling exercises like these in under 10 min to release tightness and improve flexibility https://youtu.be/yI5Jvn7tpsw

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