BK ROOTS offers a variety of different types of classes. After 10 years in the Jack London District, BK Roots is now on Piedmont Ave. Here is info on what to expect for each class. Each class is in person as of Jan 1, 2022. A couple of classes are also virtual. Sign Up

  • Springboard Kettlebell Adv: Mondays @6pm

    The pilates springboard uses bands and springs for resistance, flexibility and range of motion. Kettlebells are heavy (starting at 16lbs) and improve full body, core strength and cardio. This is an advanced conditioning class. You must be familiar with Russian kettlebell training.

  • Springboard Sculpt (Lower Body): Tuesdays @12pm

    Target all muscles of the lower body including glutes, hips, hamstrings and quads. Feel how the lower body integrates with the upper body through the core. Connect muscles synergistically through smart and creative exercises that compliment each other.

  • Springboard Sculpt (Upper Body): Thursdays @12pm

    Target all muscles of the upper body including back, chest, arms, abs and obliques. Feel how the upper body integrates with the lower body through the core. Connect muscles synergistically through smart and creative exercises that work with each other to tone and strengthen.

  • 30 Min Strength & Conditioning: Tuesdays @6:30pm

    30 Min of bootcamp-like exercises to get in a full body workout + cardio

  • Springboard Pilates Sculpt: Wednesdays @ 6:30pm, Saturdays @9am

    Great for beginners to advanced. Modifications given based on ability. This is a great place to start at the studio! You get your own springboard for resistance, strength and flexibility. In 50 min you will strengthen, lengthen and laugh.

  • Muay Thai Conditioning Adv:

    The martial art of 8 limbs. No sparring. Bring wraps and boxing gloves if you have them. If not, we loan you them. Get ready to WORK.

  • Self Defense (Vee Arnis Jui-Jitsu):

    Straight up Brooklyn. This mixed martial art originated from Grand Master Vee in Brooklyn, NY. Ash Berla is one of his disciples. This is a reality-based self defense system for adults. Stick and knife training combined with Jui-Jitsu.