Fitness classes at BK ROOTS in Oakland are not your regular show up, sweat and leave class.
We want you to learn something new about your body and how you connect with it. Form is everything because it helps you understand why you are doing the exercise you’re doing and how it will help you move and feel better.

One Class $35

5 Classes $150 /$30 per class

10 Classes $250 /$25 per class

20 Classes $420 /$21 per class

30 Classes $600 /$20 per class

Consistency is everything. Try to take 1-3 classes per week to get into a routine.

Beginners: has it been awhile since you worked out? You might want to start with a personal training initial session $120 unless you are willing to jump on in to a class. The following two places are usually a safe place to start if you have no injuries: 
  • Springboard Sculpt classes on Tues/Thurs @12pm 
Intermediate/Advanced: once you get better at the above classes (or if you already feel in pretty good shape) try these:
  • Sat seasonal class 
  • Muay Thai on Sundays @ 10am 


Membership is unlimited classes at the studio; great for taking more than 2 classes/week
Membership = $175/month
Auto-Pay, Auto-Renew, Cancel Anytime