BK ROOTS Fitness is a personal training studio with group classes on Piedmont Ave in Oakland, Ca that teaches you how to live a healthier lifestyle through hard work, dedication and a holistic approach to fitness.

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OUR VALUES: hard work, compassion, truth, follow-through, trust, goals, fun, kindness, music, mental health, family, privacy, communities, relationships, self-growth


“I’ve taken multiple classes led by Ash and by Mindy now. All have been great! Classes are tailorable to your personal fitness level with multiple options for the amount of weight you lift or the degree of resistance you put on the springboard. You really get out of the class what you put in and they’re super patient. Classes are small sized so they are able to provide corrections, and explain in great detail what areas you’re working and how to optimize for your desired impact. Excited to test out the variety of new classes they’re offering now, but each and every class is already different (despite the dreaded final plank), so you never get bored or overly fatigued in one place.” 


“The small group environment for classes and individual attention for private sessions really promotes a sense of trust. You get to go at your own pace while still pushing yourself to full potential…Forget all of the trends of the extreme gyms. This is the real deal. I can’t imagine training anywhere else.”


“I’ve been going to BK Roots for over four years. I started out with Yoga and then moved into the Muay Thai Conditioning and then the Self Defense classes. You won’t find a better set of instructors. They really take their time to make sure that you are getting the most out of your experience. I would highly recommend taking a class there. It is truly life changing.”


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